Costas Ouranis

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Costas Ouranis

Costas Ouranis, poet and writer, is considered one of the representatives of the neo-romantic school. His real name was Costas Niarchos, or as he changed it to Nearchos. He was born in 1890 in Constantinople to a family that hailed from Arcadia, Peloponnesus. He spent his childhood at Leonidio, Arcadia before leaving to Nafplio for secondary studies. His studies were completed in Constantinople.

At age 18 he started working for Athens daily "Acropolis". Ouranis spent the next few years abroad before returning to Greece in 1924. He continued working for the press in different capacities (correspondent, editor, editorial writer) and also wrote books - mostly on travel - and three poetic collections: "Dream-like", "Spleen" and "Nostalgia".

He died on July 13, 1953 of a heart attack.