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Dimitsana (Greek: Δημητσάνα) is a village and a municipality located in northwestern Arcadia. It is built on the ruins of the ancient town Teuthis. Its population is about 600. It is the seat of the municipality of the same name. It is also the seat of the province of Gortynia. The village is unofficially connected by GR-334. Throughout the town, the road is narrow. GR-74 is about 11 km S. It is located SE of Olympia and Pyrgos, SW of Vytina, 60 km W of Tripolis, W of Megalopolis, GR-7, GR-76 and Karytaina and NE of Andritsaina. Its nearest community is Stemnitsa to the south. Most of the population in the 2001 census only had two communities over 100 people, many had 100 before the mid-20th century.

The village has a school, a historical library, several churches, a post office, a water-power museum, an open amphitheater, hotels and a square (plateia). The village is located on the valley which has a small creek to its west and the residential area covers the eastern part of a mountain. Another mountain is located to its west. The area north and east of Dimitsana is covered pine forests and is rare connected with the Maenalus ranges. Deforested mountains cover the area west and south of Dimitsaina.

Until the 1960s, much of the town did not have electricity and until the 1980s, most of the houses were stone-built.

Dimitsana is the birthplace of Greek War of Independence heroes Patriarch Gregory V and Bishop Germanos of Patra. During his youth, Grigoris Papaflessas also spent time in Dimitsana attending school.



Population history

Year Communal Population Change Municipal Population Change
1981 760 - - -
1991 739 -21 or-0.028% 1,529 -
2001 611 -118 or -15.97% 1,337 -192/-12.56%

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