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Doxa Katokopia is a Cypriot football team from Katokopia in the Lefkosia province. Since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Katakopia is under Turkish occupation and the club moved to nearby Peristerona. The team was promoted to the Cypriot Football A Division in 2007 where it will compete in the 2008 season.

Doxa (which translates as Glory) were first promoted to the Cypriot Football A Division in 1998 but, after finishing 13th in the table (out of 14 teams), were relegated. The following season, they finished third in the B Division and were promoted again. In 2000, they achieved their greatest success by finishing 11th. Doxa were relegated again in 2002, only to bounce back the next year by finishing Second. They were relegated again after the 2004 season when they finished last with only 1 win from 26 games. Doxa use the Makario Stadium as their home field.

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