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Elisavet "Elli" Stai is a Greek reporter and television hostess.

Stai was born on March 24, 1954, in Athens, the daughter of Centre Union MP Markos Tsarlambas. Her family hails from Lefkada. She is a graduate of the Law School of Athens University.

Stai started her reporter career with Athens daily "Avgi". Afterwards she also worked for "Mesimvrini" and "Acropolis". She started in television in the early 1980s as an ERT newscaster alongside Terence Quick. In 1993, she switched to Sky TV. Her next stop was Mega Channel where she presented the series "Ellispontos" in 1996.

From 1997 until 1999, Stai worked for Star Channel. She then joined ANT1 where she hosted the program "In Elli's eyes". After 2003, she was also the presenter of ANT1's news. She quit in 2006.

In February 2007, Stai re-joined Mega Channel where she presented the program "Elli" whilst also appearing on the news as a commentator. In January 2008, she joined Alpha TV as a newscaster.

As of February 2011, she is working for New Hellenic Television (NET) as the main presenter of the news.

Personal Life

Stai has been married four times:

  • With lawyer Nikos Stais whose name she has retained
  • With reporter Nikos Katsimis with whom she had a son
  • With Stelios Panagopoulos - a director of the Bank of Greece
  • With ship-owner Michalis Goulandris
  • She has also had a long-term affair with PASOK politician Dionysis Livanos.