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Evosmos (Greek: Εύοσμος) is a municipality on the west side of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. Its population was 52,624 (2001 census) but has greatly increased due to the rapid development of many buildings at the northern part of Evosmos.

The first name of Evosmos was Harmankoy (in Greek Χαρμάνκιοι). In 1953, Harmankoy became an independent community and took the name Neos Koukloutzas (Greek: Νέος Κουκλουτζάς) and since 1955 it was given the name "Evosmos" (literal meaning "fragrant"). Many of the inhabitants of Evosmos are descendants of Asia Minor refugees who came to Greece after the catastrophe of 1922.

There are 3 churches in Evosmos. The oldest one is Agios Athanasios which was built in 1818. The central one is Evangelismos. The third one is Three Hierarchs (Greek: Οι Τρείς Ιεράρχες) which is new.

Football club Agrotikos Asteras FC, which participates in the Football B Division of Greece, is based in Evosmos. In the past the club has produced talented footballers, such as Dinos Kouis and Giorgos Foiros, who later starred for Aris FC and the National Football Team of Greece. Other smaller clubs are Aias Evosmou, A.E.Evosmou and Ethnikos Evosmou which participates in the amateur categories of Thessaloniki prefecture.

Another famous athlete from Evosmos is basketball player Nikos Hatzivrettas who began his career at Aias Evosmos and now plays for Panathinaikos BC.