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Ghyka. Albanian family that from humble beginnings (allegedly watermelon growers) raised to prominence during the Ottoman period, when Gheorghe Ghyka followed his childhood friend to Istanbul, and settled there in Phanar.

Descentends from the Phanariot Ghyka family can be found in Greece and Romania. The Ghyka name is very common in Albania today.

The Ghyka website[1] contains numerous, well research "family trees" of the Ghyka and related families.

Prominent members of the Ghyka family

Gheorghe Ghyka. Prince of Moldavia 1658-1659, 1735-1741 and 1747-1748; Prince of Wallachia 1659-1660 and 1673-1678.

Grigore I Ghyka. Prince of Wallachia 1660-1664 and 1672-1673.

Matei Ghyka Prince of Wallachia 1752-1753; Prince of Moldavia 1753-1756

Scarlat Ghyka. Prince of Moldavia 1757-1758; Prince of Wallachia 1758-1761 and 1765-1766

Alexandru Ghyka. Prince of Wallachia 1766-1768

Grigori III Ghyka. Prince of Molfavia 1764-1767 and 1774-1777; Prince of Wallachia 1768-1769

Grigori IV Ghyka Prince of Wallachia 1822-1828

Alexandru II Ghyka. Prince of Wallachia 1834-1842

Grigori Ghyka. Prince of Moldavia 1849-1853 and 1854-1856.

Ion Ghyka. Prime Minister of Romania 1866-1867 and 1870-1871

Dimitrie Ghyka. Prime Minister of Romania 1868-1870