Giorgos Kamaras

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G. Kamaras, star player for Apollon Athens

Giorgos Kamaras, was a Greek football forward of the 1950s era.

Kamaras was the elder brother of football player Aristides Kamaras, and was born on May 21, 1931 in Kato Patisia. His surname was actually Katrodavlis which eventually gave way to his nickname "Kamaras".

He was part of the feared Apollon Athens attack that also featured Babis Serafeidis, Nikos Simigdalas, etc.

Kamaras was capped 4 times by the Greek National Football Team scoring one goal, in a World Cup qualifier against Israel.

Apollon Athens named their Rizoupolis Stadium into the Giorgos Kamaras Stadium in his honor.

Giorgos Kamaras died on February 8, 2000.