January 26

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  • 1699: Through the Treaty of Karlowitz, Morea passes from the Ottoman Empire to Venice.
  • 1936: The national elections in Greece are inconclusive with the Liberal Party and their allies winning roughly the same number of seats in Parliament as the Popular Party and their allies. The Communist Party of Greece with its 15 seats holds the balance of power.
  • 1940: Greece and Britain sign a major trade agreement.
  • 1944: 43 Greeks are executed outside Kozani by the occupation forces.
  • 1951: Greek forces suffer their first casualties in the Korean War: 3 dead, 2 wounded, 1 missing in action at Hill 406 north of Inchon.
  • 1989: Two masked men rob the Post Office of Chania, Crete of some 47,000,000 drachmas.
  • 1995: Greek Foreign Minister, Karolos Papoulias, cancels his visit to Auschwitz for the 50th anniversary of the camp's liberation, on account of the Polish government's raising of the flag of FYROM with the sunburst of Vergina at the camp.
  • 2015: Prime Minister-elect, Alexis Tsipras, breaks tradition by taking a civil oath of office without the presence of Archbishop Ieronymos II.
  • 2015: A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashes at Los Llanos base in Albacete, Spain, during a NATO exercise. Both pilots are killed along with eight others.