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Katerini (Greek: Κατερίνη) is a town in Northern Greece, the capital of Pieria prefecture. It lies on the Pierian plane, between Mt. Pierus and Thermaikos Gulf, on an altitude of 14-45 m. The town has a population of 56,576 (according to the 2001 census). It is near the city of Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, which has been beneficial for Katerini's development over the last years. Katerini is accessed with GR-1/E75 with three interchanges and is accessed with Via Egnatia to the north.

A popular tourist destination, Katerini is very close to the sea (6 km.), to several archaeological sites of great interest like the ancient city of Dion (5th century BC, 17 km. away) and the Venetian castle of Platamon. The beaches of Korinos, Paralia and Olympiaki Akti (or Katerinoskala) are very popular during summer.

The town's name stems from Catherine of Alexandria (Agia Aikaterini), a Greek Orthodox Martyr, who lived in 4th century A. D. It was liberated from the Ottomans on October 16, 1912 in the First Balkan War. It was captured by the German army on April 14, 1941 and was liberated three years later.

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1981 38,404 - - -
1991 43,613 5,209/13.56% 48,673 -
2001 50,510 - 56,576 7,903/16.24%
2011 55,997 - 62,205

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