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The Olympias Athletic Company of Patra (Greek: Αθλητική Εταιρεία Πατρών Ολυμπιάς or Athlitiki Etaireia Patron Olympias) is a Greek professional basketball club that was founded in 1961 in a Patra tavern at Messolongiou Street and Fotila Streets. The first game was on December 26, 1961 and the first participation in the Greek league third division was on April 15, 1962. The first clubs of the parent athletic association included track and field, basketball, volleyball and bicycling. The team colors are orange and white.

The Men's Basketball Club

The basketball team Olympiada Patra BC currently participates in the Greek A1 League. It participated in the A2 Ethniki from 1977 until 1981. In 2006, it participated in the A2 division. Its current president is Nikos Bogonikolos. Olmpiada Patras' basketball club participates in the 2007-2008 FIBA EuroCup League as well.


  • A3 Ethniki Championship:
1965, 1967, 1968, 1998


Here are a partial list of players

Past Players


Olympiada plays in its closed arena in the neighborhood of Taraboura with 2,500 seats, which was constructed in 2001. Before that it played in an opened field in the neighborhood of Prosfygika. The arena is located at 24 Tisonas Street.

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