Peiraikos Syndesmos FC

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Peiraikos Syndesmos was an early football club based in Piraeus, Greece, that is now defunct.

Peiraikos Syndesmos won the unofficial national title in 1923 after defeating the champions of Thessaloniki Aris FC.

In January 1924, Peiraikos Syndesmos merged with Peiraiki Enosis FC to form the Athletic and Football Club of Piraeus (Αθλητικός και Ποδοσφαιρικός Σύλλογος Πειραιώς). The new club won the 1924 championship of Athens-Piraeus however, in the Autumn of that same year, the new club split in two: One team, led by the Andrianopoulos brothers and goalkeeper Kostas Klidouchakis formed Olympiakos Omilos which evolved into Olympiakos FC while the other, led by Kostas Ferlemis, Christos Peppas and Giorgos Hadjiandreou, merged with an independent club named "Young Boys" to form Peiraikos Omilos which evolved into Ethnikos Piraeus.