Petros Anagnostakis

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Petros Anagnostakis was a Greek Laiko singer.

He was born in 1933 in Tambouria, a poor section of Piraeus and started his recording career in 1959. Of special note was his partnership with Roula Kalaki - at a time when male-female partnerships were in style in Greek music - which produced many fine songs. In 1963, their song "Μέσα σε μια νύχτα" (In a night) broke the all-time record for a laiko single with 120,000 sold.

Owing to his good looks, Anagnostakis also appeared in several Greek films singing his songs.

He died on June 1, 1995 of cancer.

His songs

  • Ήρθα κι απόψε στα σκαλοπάτια σου - I came once more to your door steps
  • Μακάρι να μάθω πως έχεις πλουτίσει - I hope to hear that you hit the big time
  • Μέσα σε μια νύχτα - In a night
  • Δεν ανθίζουν λουλούδια - Flowers don't bloom
  • Οι 10 συμβουλές - Ten pieces of advice
  • Για την καρδιά μου εσύ δεν είσαι - You're not right for my heart
  • Άγιε Νικόλα μου - Saint Nicholas
  • Δεν είσαι εσύ; - Aren't you the one?
  • Για μένα φτάνει ο Χειμώνας - For me, winter has arrived
  • Κάποιο τραίνο καταραμένο - Some cursed train
  • Η μαύρη κατάρα - The black curse
  • Μοίρες, μοίρες - Fates, fates
  • Περπατώ και σφυρίζω θλιμμένα - I walk and whistle a sad tune
  • Πληγωμένοι κι οι δυο - Both of us are hurt
  • Το μυστικό μας - Our secret
  • Τρεις ανθρώπους αγαπώ - I love three persons
  • Ύποπτος ο έρωτας σου - Your love is suspicious