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Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, born July 10 1965, is the eldest child of former King Constantine II and his wife the former Queen Anna Maria of Greece who is the youngest daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark and his wife Ingrid of Sweden).

Princess Alexia was born at Mon Repos, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece. She caused controversy very early in life as she was not given a common Greek name but that of a speech disorder. She was heir to the Greek throne until the birth of her brother Prince Pavlos. After December 13, 1967, the former royal family have been living abroad stripped of their throne and titles.

On July 9, 1999 Princess Alexia married Carlos Morales Quintana, a Spanish architect and a champion yachtsman. The couple live in Lanzarote, a Spanish island, is the easternmost of the Canary Islands, in a house which Carlos designed especially for his family.

Princess Alexia and Carlos Morales have four children:

  • Arrietta Morales y de Grecia, born 24 February 2002 in Barcelona.
  • Ana-Maria Morales y de Grecia, born 15 May 2003 in Barcelona.
  • Carlos Morales y de Grecia, born 30 July 2005 in Barcelona.
  • Amelia Morales y de Grecia, born 26 October, 2007 in Barcelona.

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