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Silvio Marić (born March 20 1975) is a retired Croatian footballer who commonly played as an attacking midfielder.

Born in Zagreb, Marić began his professional career at his current club Dinamo Zagreb in 1995 and played for their team until the end of 1998, as he went on to leave the club for Newcastle United in early 1999. Previously, he also played for Dinamo in the UEFA Champions League and appeared in all of their six group matches. After two not much successful seasons, he left Newcastle for FC Porto in 2000 and subsequently made his first comeback to Dinamo after playing one season for the Portuguese club. After two seasons with Dinamo, he moved to Panathinaikos in 2003 and played another two seasons for the greens before making his second comeback to Dinamo in 2005. He retired the following year.

In April 1997, he made his international debut for the Croatian national team in their 1998 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Greece and scored his first international goal already in his second cap against Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same qualifying session. He was subsequently also in the Croatian squad at the 1998 World Cup finals in France and appeared in four matches there, one of them in the starting line-up. He won a total of 19 international caps for Croatia between 1997 and 2002, but his first international goal remained also the only one he scored for the team. He was no longer playing for the national team since their Euro 2004 qualifier against Bulgaria in October 2002.

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