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Following years of isolation, in [[1996]] the island came to media prominence. In a NATO exercise Gavdos was the focal point of a contestation between Greece and Turkey. Following that, the prime minister, [[Costas Simitis|Mr. Simitis]], visited Gavdos and announced a five-year, €1.5 million plan for Gavdos's development.
In [[2001]], [[Costis Stephanopoulos]], the Greek President of Democracythe Republic, inaugurated a telemedicine centre on Gavdos, an island which has never had a doctor. This exercise, however, was marred as the island's infrastructure could not provide the necessary power required by the centre. For the purposes of the inauguration, generators were brought in, which were then removed.
In [[2002]], the island came to the forefront again, due to the arrests of members of the terrorist group [[Revolutionary Organization 17 November|November 17]].
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