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  • province]], [[Heraklio prefecture]] on the [[Greece|Greek]] island of [[Crete]]. It is situated 65 km. south of the city of [[Heraklio]]. ...mbos" - from whence Tymbaki received its name. During the Venetian rule of Crete, Tymbaki was a small community near the malaria-infested Gero River.
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  • ...hos''' or Ioannis Daskalakis, better known as '''Daskaloyiannis''' was a [[Crete|Cretan]] revolutionary. Daskaloyiannis was born in Anopolis, [[Sfakia]], [[Crete]], some time between [[1722]] and [[1730]], to a rich family of ship owners
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  • In [[Greek mythology]], '''Idomeneus''' was a [[Crete|Cretan]] warrior, grandson of [[Minos]]. He led the Cretan armies to the [[ ...subjects on Crete sent him into exile because he brought a plague with him from [[Troy]]. He fled to Calabria, and then [[Colophon]], [[Asia Minor]], where
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  • ...] was a son of [[Zeus]] and [[Europa]] and brother of [[Minos]], king of [[Crete]] and [[Sarpedon]]. He was raised by [[Asterion]]. He had two sons, [[Gort According to one account Rhadamanthus ruled Crete before Minos, and gave the island an excellent code of laws, which the [[Sp
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  • ...It is said that all of Helen's suitors - including King [[Idomeneus]] of [[Crete]], [[Ajax the greater|Ajax]] of [[Salamis (Greece)|Salamis]], etc - had pro the ''[[Odyssey]]'', Menelaus' homebound fleet was blown by storms to [[Crete]] and Egypt, where they were unable to sail away because the wind was calm.
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  • ...s especially known to visitors as it is the only place in [[Greece]] where people still wear traditional clothing. ...consideration the number of tourists that visit, there can be up to 20,000 people on the island during the peak summer months.
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  • ...istory of Greece traditionally encompasses the study of the [[Greeks|Greek people]], the areas they ruled, and the territory now composing the modern state o ...e before 1500 BC, and at its peak, [[Greek Civilization]] ruled everything from Greece to Egypt to the Hindu Kush mountains. Since then, large Greek minori
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  • ...reece|Greek island]], located to the south of its much bigger neighbour, [[Crete]], of which it is administratively a part, in the prefecture of [[Chania pr ...pulation since Neolithic times; nowadays, however, the island has very few people. The place has seen many uses in the different times it has inspired intere
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  • ...d [[Catreus]]. She was also the mother of the [[Minotaur]], after a curse from [[Poseidon]] caused her to mate with a white bull. ...King [[Agis]], several ephors brought the people into revolt with oracles from Pasiphaë's shrine promising remission of debts and redistribution of land.
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  • ...#963;σός is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on [[Crete]], probably the ceremonial and political center of the [[Minoan civilizatio ...f the palace and a section of the west facade. After Kalokairinos, several people attempted to continue the excavations, but it was not until [[March 16]], [
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  • According to [[Aristotle]] and to [[Dictys of Crete]], Nausicaa married [[Telemachus]], Odysseus' son, and together they had a ''Portions of this material originated as excerpts from the public-domain 1848 edition of Lemprière's Dictionary by John Lemprièr
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  • *[[July 11]]: Sultan Abdul Hamid, under pressure from the Young Turk movement, grants rights to the Ottoman subjects including fu ...of [[Chania]] gather in Aris Square and declare "[[Enosis]]" (Union) of [[Crete]] with [[Greece]].
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  • ...011]] census, is the capital of [[Rethymno prefecture]] in the island of [[Crete]], [[Greece]]. It was built in antiquity, even though it has never been a b ...and it also is the base of the Philosophical school of the [[University of Crete]].
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  • ...ttle girl again using the car’s mirror, the little girl is not there. Some people say that her name was Anna. ==[[Crete]]==
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  • ...Greek language|Greek]]: ''Ηράκλειο''), [[Greece]] is the largest city of [[Crete]]. Its name is also spelled ''Herakleion'' (transliteration of ancient/Kat ...noan civilization|Minoan]] times was the biggest centre of population on [[Crete]]. So it is very likely that there was a port here as long ago as [[2000 BC
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  • ...utiful, traditional, mountainous area to the South West of the island of [[Crete]], in the [[Chania prefecture|Chania]] [[prefecture]]. It is one of the few the fertile plateau of [[Askifou]], surrounded by high mountain peaks. From here to Hóra Sfakíon the road is particularly spectacular. The road hugs
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  • ...ually depicted on a chariot drawn by two lions, not always distinguishable from Cybele. ...King and Queen of the gods. This time was called the [[Golden Age]] as the people of the time had no need for laws or rules; everyone did right and as such,
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  • ...first divine personage of Greek mythology to be immediately recognized in Crete" (Kerenyi 1993, p 89), once archaeology had begun. Her name is merely an ep ...Theseus after he achieved his goal, and according to Homer "he got no joy from her; Artemis killed her first, on wave-washed [[Dia]]'s shores, accused by
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  • ...back over 1000 years. Allegations that the family "Argyropoulos" evolved from the family [[Argyros]], may not be true. transport the 12 families, their soldiers and supplies and horses to [[Crete.]]
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  • ...These Catholics are immigrants from Eastern Europe, especially Poland, or from the Philippines. Many of the Germans and French that settled in the Greek I ...[Kavala]], [[Volos]], and more distant islands like [[Rhodes]], [[Kos]], [[Crete]], [[Naxos]], [[Santorini]], [[Samos Island|Samos]], [[Chios]], [[Kefalonia
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