Stathis Mantalozis

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Stathis Mantalozis was a Greek football player born in 1929.

Mantalozis started his football career as a centre forward with a local club named Olympiakos Pasalimani. In 1943, he joined Ethnikos Piraeus where he played as goalkeeper during the late 1940s and 1950s. In 1959 he transfered to Panathinaikos as a backup keeper.

Mantalozis was capped a total of 10 times by the Greek National Football Team.

He is considered one of the top Greek goalkeepers of all-time.

Did you know?

Stathis Mantalozis featured in the 1956 Greek film "Οι άσσοι των γηπέδων μας" - "The stars of our football stadia". His co-stars included Andreas Mouratis, Lakis Petropoulos and Costas Linoxilakis.