Stellakis Perpiniadis

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Stellakis Perpiniadis was a Greek Rebetiko singer and song-writer.

He was born on the island of Tinos, in 1899, but at an early age was taken by his parents to live first in Alexandria, Egypt and then Constantinople. When the Greek Army landed in Asia Minor in 1919, Perpiniadis joined up and fought in the Greco-Turkish War (1919 - 1922).

After the Asia Minor Disaster, he moved to Greece and settled in Piraeus. A religious man, he sang at his local church as a cantor. His friends urged him to make singing a professional career and, in 1929, his musical career began under the wings of Panagiotis Toundas.

Perpiniadis recorded an impressive 400+ songs in his career which spanned five decades. He died on September 4, 1977 in Athens.

He was the father of Laiko singer Vangelis Perpiniadis.