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[[Image:Panathinaikos FC - 1977 Balkans Cup Winners.jpeg|thumb|250px|[[1977 Balkans Cup]] Winner]]
[[Image:Panathinaikos FC - 1977 Balkans Cup Winners.jpeg|thumb|300px|Takis Papadimitriou playing for Panathinaikos]]
[[Image:Panathinaikos FC 1977 Balkans Cup.jpg|thumb|300px|Takis Papadimitriou Balkans Cup Winner]]
'''Takis Papadimitriou''' was a [[Greeks|Greek]] [[football (soccer)|football]] player of the [[1970s]] - [[1980s]] era.
'''Takis Papadimitriou''' was a [[Greeks|Greek]] [[football (soccer)|football]] player of the [[1970s]] - [[1980s]] era.

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Takis Papadimitriou playing for Panathinaikos
Takis Papadimitriou Balkans Cup Winner

Takis Papadimitriou was a Greek football player of the 1970s - 1980s era.

Papadimitriou started his career at Asteras Zografou. In 1968, he made the big jump to Panathinaikos. He played with the greens for ten years, winning four championship titles and two cups.

In 1978, he transferred to OFI and, in 1980, to Panionios.

Papadimitriou ended his career at Panaigialios in the Greek B Division.

He died on January 23, 2014.