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Career Hellenic Navy Jack
Ordered: {{{ordered}}}
Laid down: {{{laid}}}
Launched: {{{launched}}}
Commissioned: {{{commissioned}}}
Decommissioned: {{{decommissioned}}}
Fate: {{{fate}}}
Current position: {{{position}}}
General characteristics
Displacement: {{{surfaced}}} tons (surfaced)
{{{submerged}}} tons (submerged)
Length: {{{length}}}
Beam: {{{beam}}}
Draft: {{{draft}}}
Speed: {{{knotsurf}}} knots ({{{kmsurf}}} km/h) surface
{{{knotsub}}} knots ({{{kmsub}}} km/h) submerged
Complement: {{{crew}}}
Armament: {{{armament}}}
Powerplant: {{{powerplant}}}