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To Vima (Greek:Το ΒΗΜΑ - The Podium) is a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1922 by Dimitris Lambrakis, the father of Christos Lambrakis, current head of the company. It is owned by Lambrakis Press that also publishes the newspaper Ta Nea and many other publications.

"To Vima" is a high profile newspaper in Greece. It is published every day, except on Mondays. Its flagship is the Sunday edition whose current managing editor is Stavros Psycharis.

The newspaper features as its columnists some prominent journalists within the Greek media including Yiannis Pretenteris and Vasilis Moulopoulos. Some of the newspaper's regular columnists include university professors (for example Konstantinos Tsoukalas, Nikos Mouzelis or Dimitris Psychogios who contributes under a nom-de-plume), political scientists and several politicians.

The Sunday edition of the newspaper used to be a staple of Greek press, although today it sometimes trails the more radical Eleftherotypia or To Proto Thema.

"To Vima", by Greek standards, is considered left-of-center and is politically aligned with the Greek socialist party PASOK - indeed this also applies to all the publications of Lambrakis Press. A number of its former editors eventually were appointed to key ministerial positions, such as Petros Efthimiou and Georgos Romeos. It is also not uncommon for some of its journalists to stand for parliament - mostly with PASOK.

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