1940 Football Championship

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The 1939-1940 Football Championship was a Panhellenic championship organised under the auspices of the Hellenic Football Federation. It was won by AEK Athens.


The 1940 championship was played in two phases: On the local level: Two round-robin tournaments were held: one in the south (Athens and Piraeus) and two in the north (one among the top three Thessaloniki clubs and one among clubs outside Thessaloniki: Iraklis Serres, Philippi Kavala and Aspida Xanthi). These were won by AEK, PAOK and Philippi Kavala respectively.

Next, PAOK played Philippi Kavala in the northern Greece finals:

On the national level: Home-and-away matches were played between the winners of the south and the winners of the north.

The matches