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Athletic Gymnastic Club Rethymno (Greek Αθλητικός Γυμναστικός Όμιλος Ρεθύμνου abbreviated ΑΓΟ Ρεθύμνου - AGO Rethymno) is a Greek basketball club that was founded in Rethymno, Crete in 1986. The parent club was founded in 1965.

AGO Rethymno BC currently play in the Greek A1 Division. By far their greatest moment of glory came in 2007 when they qualified to play in the final of the Greek Basketball Cup, eliminating such powerhouses as PAOK and Panionios as well as Sporting and Kolossos Rhodes BC.

Rethymno lost the match on March 25, 2007 to Panathinaikos by the score of 87-48 but their mark on the Greek basketball scene was already made.