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ANT1 (pronounced Antenna in Greek) is a private Greek television network, broadcasting on a 24-hour basis throughout Greece, that is based in Maroussi, Athens.

ANT1 is the second privately-owned television network that is in operation in Greece. It began broadcasting on December 31, 1989, a little more than a month after Mega Channel. It is owned by the ANT1 Group which also has several radio stations throughout Greece.

ANT1's programming consists of Greek and imported foreign programmes. Its news broadcasts have been presented over the years by such notable presenters as Terence Quick, Tatiana Stefanidou, Liana Kanelli, Elli Stai, Maria Choukli, etc.

ANT1 broadcasts worldwide via ANTENNA Cyprus, ANTENNA Pacific (to Australia), ANTENNA Satellite (the Americas) and ANTENNA Europe (to the rest of Europe).

The studios of ANT1 are located in Athens suburb Maroussi. Its main Athens transmission tower is on Mount Hymettus. The station broadcasts terrestrially via a network of repeaters throughout all of Greece and Cyprus.

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