Achaemenid Dynasty

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The Achaemenid Dynasty ruled the Persian Empire at the height of its grandeur between 550 and 330 BC.

King Ruled Comments
Cyrus II the Great 550-530 Established Persian Empire; conquered Asia Minor
Cambyses II 530-522
Smerdis or Gaumata 522
Darius I 522-486 Twice attempted to invade Greece, was defeated at Marathon
Xerxes I 486-465 Invaded Greece, was defeated at Salamis
Artaxerxes I 465-424
Xerxes II 424-423
Sogdianus 423
Darius II 423-404
Artaxerxes II 404-358 Defeated by the Ten Thousand at the Battle of Cunaxa
Artaxerxes III 358-338
Arses 338-336
Darius III Codomanus 336-330 Defeated by Alexander the Great