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Prefecture: Achaea
Province: Province of Aigialia

151.1 km²

Population: (2001)
 - Total
 - Density¹
 - Rank

 - 27,741
Communes: 14

sea level
40 m(center), 35 m, east
Postal code: 251 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-26910
Municipal code: 0702
Car designation: AX
Address of administration: 31 Andrea Lontou St.
Aigio 251 00

Aigion or Aigio (Greek: Modern: Αίγιο, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on, Latin: Aegium) also, Egio or Egion is a town in northeast Achaea that has a population of around 12,000, with a square, a bus terminal and a fountain in downtown. Aigion is surrounded by trees in the north and cliffs in the northwest. The city can be accessed by GR-8A from the south and west with one full and one partial interchanges, and has a rest area and is also bounded. Mountains neighbor the southern part. The town sits on arable land which covers over a quarter of the community. The mountains of the Panachaicus and Erymanthus are rarely seen. The commune was known as Vostitsa or Vostitza in the middle ages to the late 20th century.

Aigio has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, post offices and squares (plateies). There are no beaches.

The sites of interest includes a Mycenean House dating back to ancient times. The location is near the cliffs.

The Port of Aigion serves ferry service to Agios Nikolaos in the northeast. Ferry service is very small and only has a few boats. It is on a road off the old highway. The port is crossed by rail. East of the port is a railway station and some buildings. The city is bounded by a river in the east and west. It can be accessed by another highway for Temeni, Pteri and Kalavryta on GR-31.

There are squares, one closer to the hospital and a circle shaped-square slightly from the city hall are in the SW with some bushes and a fountain and is located on the old highway. The city has a hospital founded slightly west of the city and a rest area situated south of the city at GR-8A/E65. Residential houses are within and in the western part of Aigio.

Windmills are located in farmlands and groved SW of the community boundary. Hills are southwest of the city.

In 1995, an earthquake shattered Aigio. It devastated the southwestern subdivision destroying houses.

On February 4, 2004, riots over demanding wage hikes for farmers took place in the 172nd km interchange or the Aigio interchange, a sign, a 172nd km post facing the westbound lanes, some bushes were damaged as they clashed with the police. Another one a day later took place near the olive grove and trapped some people. Trucks were blocking the superhighway.

On January 28, 2005, tractors from the rural areas near Aigio were blocking streets so the farmers can demand better wages. It happened in the between noon and afternoon hours.

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Historical population

Year Communal population Change Municipal population Change
1981 20,955 - - -
1991 22,178 1,223/5.84% 28,903 -
2001 - - 27,741 1,869/16.3%


It was founded during Homeric times.

It was the capital of the Achaean League from 276 BC.

Aegium took the territory of Helike.

In the Byzantine Age, it was renamed Vostitsa.

It was renamed after the Greek Independence. It was the first city to be liberated on March 26 during the revolution of 1821.

A mid-1995 earthquake rumbled and damaged buildings in downtown core with a few casualties.

Agricultural protests in February, 2004. It had blocked GR-8A. The protests lasted several days and blockades was created and closed main highways for two days. It was followed by rioting in the groves and rioting at a building in the night.



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