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Anavyssos (Greek Ανάβυσσος}}, is a suburban Athens town in East Attica, located northwest of Cape Sounion. It is linked by GR-91 and runs through Anavyssos, and no railroad.

With a 2001 census population of 7,189 inhabitants, it is the largest commune (κοινότητα, as opposed to municipality or δήμος) in Greece. Mountains surround the town and a small plain is in the middle. The town offers a beach, a square, an amusement park which is sometimes used and a school. The mountains' forest are rare. Housing developments began slowly between the 1970s and the 1990s. The elevation is about 1 m in the centre. The settlement dates back to ancient times. Pine forests are in the west.

Historical population

Year Communal population Change
1981 2,383 -
1991 4,108 1,725/72.39%
2001 7,189 3,081/75.00%


  • Paralia Anavyssos, Anavyssos' nearest beach.

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West: Saronic Gulf
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South: Palaia Fokaia

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