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Andreas Karkavítsas (Greek: Ανδρέας Καρκαβίτσας), was a novelist and short-story writer whose subject was village life.

Karkavítsas was born in 1866 in Lechaina, Elia. He studied medicine at the University of Athens graduating in 1888. He became an army doctor. In this capacity he traveled through many villages in the provinces and became acquainted with life in the countryside.

Karkavitsas took part in the Goudi movement in 1909 which brought about much-needed reform to the Greek armed forces. Between 1912 and 1913, he took part in the Balkan Wars as a field doctor.

Karkavitsas wrote in the common, demotic language of the people. His short stories tell of the life, traditions, problems and legends of the villages. He belonged to the National Language Society.

He died on October 24, 1922 in Maroussi, Attica.

His works

  • "Διηγήματα" (Stories) - 1892
  • "Η Λυγερή" (The willowy girl) - 1896
  • "Ο Ζητιάνος" (The beggar) - 1897
  • "Λόγια της Πλώρης. θαλασσινά Διηγήματα" (Words from the stem. Sea stories) - 1899
  • "Παλιές Αγάπες (1885-1897)" (By-gone loves (1885-1897)) - 1900
  • "Ο Αρχαιολόγος" (The Archaeologist) - 1904
  • "Διηγήματα του Γυαλού" (Sea-side stories) - 1922
  • "Διηγήματα για τα παλικάρια μας" (Stories for our young men) - 1922