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Andros is a town in the municipality of Andros, on the island of Andros, in the Cyclades complex of Greece.

The population of the town was 1801 inhabitants, according to the 2001 census.

Andros, called locally "Chora" or "Hora", is the capital of the island. It is situated on a headland between two beaches - Paraporti and Nimborio. It has a mix of post-World War I neoclassical mansions with vernacular Cycladic houses. The town squares are paved with marble. At the end of the headland are two islands, the first linked to the mainland by a brick bridge a ruined Venetian castle and the second a lighthouse.

There are four museums: the rather bland Archaeological Museum, a exceptional Museum of Modern Art, a Nautical Museum and the Museum of Traditional Arts and Byzantine Icons.

There is also a library, named after Theophilos Kairis, which contains about 3000 tomes from the collection of the clergyman/intellectual. In the library are also on display a large number of rare publications, manuscripts, historical records, works of art and a small archaeological collection. Within the records, there is an extensive collection of letters, from a network of intellectuals to Kairis, about the trends in European science and philosophy of that period.