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Anoixi or Anoixis (in Greek, Άνοιξη, meaning "spring") is a rather exclusive suburb in Attica, Greece -- just about 23 km north of Athens. Anoixi is almost purely residential, but there are a few shops. Drosia has strict building regulations to ensure the conservation of its character as a pleasant, green suburb. Anoixi sits in the northern part of the Athenian plain and are between the Parnitha mountain and the mountain range to the east. Anoixi is accessed with an interchange with GR-1/E75 (Athens - Lamia - Thessaloniki) at the 21st km near Varympompi 2 km west and GR-83 in the eastern part as well as Thiseos (Theseus) Avenue forming a curve near the communal boundary with Stamata. The Cephissus River lies to the west. The main street is Thiseos (Theseus) Avenue which is also GR-83, Grigoris Lamprakis Street and the road to Dionysos and Rea. Anoixi is located SE of Thebes, S of Euboea and Oropos, W of Marathon, NE of Kifissia and NE of the Attiki Odos (number 6).


Anoixi was known as Boyiati in older days. After the Asia Minor Disaster of 1922, refugees came into the area. Eventually, the newer part of Boyiati became Agios Stefanos while the older populated part became Anoixi.

Until the 1960s and the 1970s, farmlands covered the western part of Anoixi which existed into the 1990s. Forests covers the central and much of Anoixi. Most of the population are urban while until the 1960s and the 1970s were rural. Luxury houses arrived in Anoixi and into the forested parts. Housing developments continues to this day. the street plan is mainly of mixed triangles and lines that run parallel not as a grid and some others and other varieties.


Anoixi has few schools, lyceums, a few gymnasia, banks, churches, a post office and a few squares (plateies).

Historical population

Year Population Change Density
1981 1,377 - 300.5/km²
1991 2,864 +1,487/+107.99% 625.1/km²
2001 5,397 +2,533/+88.44% 1,177.9/km²

North: Agios Stefanos
West: Kryoneri Anoixi East: Stamata
South: Ekali

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