Apostolos Papoutsakis

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Apostolos Papoutsakis (Greek Απόστολος Παπουτσάκης) was a Greek businessman and football executive.

Papoutsakis was born in Chersonissos, Heraklio on December 27, 1952. He originally studied aircraft mechanics but switched to the insurance industry at age 26.

Originally with Adriatiki insurance, he moved on the Ethniki Asfalistiki and, in 1988, to Diethnis Enosis where he arose to Vice President and part-owner.

In 2006 he entered the world of sports as Vice President of Ergotelis. Two years later, he acquired 60.5% ownership of the team and became its President.

Papoutsakis also served as President of the Superleague.

He died of heart disease on July 23, 2012 at the age of 59. He was survived by his wife, Maria, and his children Dimitrios, Fotini and Eleftheria.