Archelaos Antonaros

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Archelaos Antonaros, known commonly as Archelaos, was a Greek cartoonist and satyrist.

Archelaos was born in Thessaloniki in February of 1921. He had his first two comic sketches published at the age of 15 in local daily "Makedonia".

Under the pseudonym "TOT", he published sketches in the communist daily Rizospastis until it was outlawed. Later, he wrote for several Greek magazines such as Romantso, Pantheon, Thisavros, adding his name to other popular cartoonists such as Vasilis Christodoulou, Stamatis Polenakis, Gallias, etc.

Archelaos was also involved in political satire which landed him in court in 1952 on account of sketches that poked fun at Gen Alexandros Papagos and politician Spyros Markezinis. Luckily, the judge had a sense of humour and Archelaos was exhonerated.

He died in 1998.