Aristomenis Proveleggios

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Aristomenis Proveleggios (Greek Αριστομένης Προβελέγγιος) was a Greek poet, writer, member of the Athens Academy and politician.

Proveleggios was born in Exambela, Sifnos in 1850. He studied Literature at the University of Athens with graduate studies in Munich, Leipzig and Jena. He was offered a position at the Athens University but turned it down in favour of writing poetry and prose.

He served as a Member of Parliament from the Cyclades.

Proveleggios died in Sifnos in 1936.

Έργα του

  • Θησεύς - Theseus
  • Το μήλον της έριδος - The Apple of Eris
  • Νέα ποιήματα - New Poems
  • Φαίδρα - Phaedra
  • Χρυσοπηγή - Chrysopigi
  • Το Αιγαίον - The Aegean
  • Ο Άσωτος γιος - The Prodigal Son

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