Battle of Agios Vlassis

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The Battle of Agios Vlassis (also known as the Battle of Sovolakos or the Battle of Koromilia) took place during the Greek War of Independence, on January 15, 1823.


On December 31, 1822, the first siege of Messolonghi ended in failure for the Turks. The Turkish force, under Omer Vrioni and Kutahye pasha, withdrew to Agrinio short of supplies.

As the Achelous river could not be crossed at that point, a force of some 3,000 Albanians and Turks were sent north to cross the river further upstream and return with supplies from Epirus.

The Battle

When Georgios Karaiskakis was told of their whereabouts, he and his men took up positions on the heights of Koromilia, at Agios Vlassis, Evrytania, Central Greece. The Turkish forces tried to negotiate and bribe their way through but were refused. Finally, their leader, Hadji-Bento, duelled Karaiskakis and was shot dead. The Greek forces then proceeded to attack the Ottomans, pinning them against the Achelous river. The Greeks defeated them, inflicting casualties of some 200 dead and capturing much war materiel. The defeated Ottoman forces retreated to Agrinio.

In 1985, a bust of Karaiskakis was set up at the site of the battle.