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In Greek mythology Kalypso (Greek: 'Καλυψώ', 'I will conceal'), or Calypso, was a sea nymph, daughter of Atlas, on whose island, Ogygia, Odysseus landed.

Calypso nursed Odysseus back to health and kept him on Ogygia for seven years. Eventually, Odysseus was overcome with nostalgia for Ithaca but Calypso would not let go of him. She even promised him immortality if he stayed.

Finally, the goddess Athena intervened and asked Zeus to order her to let him go. Zeus sent Hermes and Kalypso reluctantly agreed. She led Odysseus to a forest on her island and gave him tools to make a raft. When Odysseus completed his raft, Calypso gave him supplies for his journey and some wine. Odysseus left to be with his beloved Penelope and Kalypso died in grief. With Odysseus, she was the mother of Nausinous.