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Tenea - Statistics
Prefecture: Corinthia

37.868/37°52'6' N lat.
22.808/22°48'29' E long
Population: (2001)
 - Total
 - Density¹
 - Rank



about 100 m
290 m(centre)
about 1,200 m
Postal code: 200 08
Area/distance code: 11-30-27410 (030-27410)-97 through 99
Municipal code: 3014
Car designation: KP
3-letter abbreviation: TEN Tenea

Chiliomodi or Hilimodi, (Greek, Modern: Χιλιομόδι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on) older forms Chiliomodion, Hiliomodion and Khiliomodion is a village in east-central Corinthia in the Peloponnese. It is the seat of the municipality of Tenea (Greek: Τενέα) in which the name dates back to Ancient times. Chiliomodi is situated on the old GR-7, the old road linking Tripoli and Corinth. It is located 18 km SW from Corinth in Greece, 37 km N of Argos, about 45 km N of Nafplio and about 65 km (old distance: about 98 km) NE of Tripoli. It is also located 14 km S of GR-8A/E94, E65 northbound and about 15 km E of E65 with its nearest interchange near Nemea.

Chiliomodi has a school, a lyceum, a high school, a church, banks, a police station, a train station (Kalamata - Tripoli - Corinth) a water tower, a junior soccer team, and a square (plateia). Chiliomodi is situated in a valley and are made up of mixed farming including groves, pastures and some fruits and vegetables. Another small valley lies to the southeast. The mountains are forested. The southeastern part of the municipality are underpopulated and has a road linking to the northern part of Argolis where it forms its boundary with Mycenae. Other roads are gravel and unusable.

Chiliomodi also has a forest which is named Magemeno including a camp, an observatory named Stephanoin.

Communities and subdivisions


Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1981 1,704 - - -
1991 1,718 14/0.82% 5,245 -

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