Christos Xanthopoulos-Palamas

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Christos Xanthopoulos-Palamas was a Greek diplomat, foreign minister and permanent representative of Greece to the United Nations.

Xanthopoulos-Palamas was born in 1902, the nephew of poet Kostis Palamas. He graduated from the University of Athens and entered the diplomatic corps in 1929. He served, among other posts, in Rome, in Paris, Washington and at the Council of Europe and was a member of the Greek Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference.

He was the permanent representative of Greece to the UN between 1954 and 1960. During his tenure, the EOKA uprising in Cyprus took place as did the Suez crisis, etc.

He served as Minister for Foreign Affairs twice: during the caretaker government of Ioannis Paraskevopoulos in 1964 and during the rule of the Junta, in 1973, under PM Spyros Markezinis.

He died in Geneva in 1977.