Dafni (Athens)

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Dafni, sometimes called Daphne (Greek Δάφνη), is a suburb of Athens, Greece. It has an Athens Metro station (red line) and Vouliagmenis Avenue. It is the smallest municipality in Athens covering about 1 km². The city hall is in the south, 200 m near the municipal boundary. The municipality is divided in two, one covers 85% to 90% of the total area, and the southeast covers 15% or 10% (smaller than the Vatican) about 0.5 km². It sits on a hill and almost the entire land is used for residential purposes; there are no industrial factories in that part of suburban Athens. A hill is located to the north near the Athens municipal boundary. The main street is Bouboulinas Avenue.

The Dafni basketball club (A2 Division) competes at Dafni Indoor Hall; the team has, in the past, featured former NBA players.

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