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Dimitris Markos is a retired Greek football midfielder of the 1980s - 2000s era.

Markos was born on January 31, 1971 in Kilkis, Macedonia, Greece and started his career in FAS Naoussa FC, where he played three and a half seasons before making the big jump to Panathinaikos. He gradually established himself as a first-team player and stayed in Panathinaikos until 1997 when he joined Sheffield Utd.

Markos' English venture didn't last long and, later that same 1998 season, he returned to Greece and Kalamata FC. The following year, he moved to Aris Thessaloniki and, in 1999 to AEK for a single season.

Markos moved back to Thessaloniki in 2000 and continued his career at Aris (2000-2002) and PAOK (2002-2005).

Markos was capped 17 times for the Greek National football team and managed to score one goal (in a match against Finland).

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