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ELDYK, (Greek ΕΛΔΥΚ, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΥΝΑΜΗ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ - Greek Force of Cyprus) is the Greek army corps situated in Cyprus.

ELDYK was created on 20 November, 1959 at Agios Stefanos, Athens soon after the treaties of London and Zurich when Cyprus was declared independent. On 16 August, 1960, the day that Cyprus became independent, ELDYK soldiers disembarked at Ammochostos, to the applause of the local Cypriot population.[1] The first commander of ELDYK was Dionisios Arbouzis and the total force was around 1,000 men.[1] Initially its headquarters were established west of Nicosia in the Gerolakos area.[1]

During the period of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus between July 20, 1974 and August 17, 1974 ELDYK participated actively against the Turkish invaders in several battles. The most notable were: On 20/7/1974 the attack against the Kioneli village. Between 21/7/1974 - 16/08/1974 the battle at the ELDYK military base and finally from 3/08/1974 till 11/8/1974 the battle of Basilias passage.[1]

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