Elena Nathanail

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Elena Nathanail in the 1967 movie Dama Spathi (Ντάμα Σπαθί)
Scene from the 1968 film Epiheirisis Apollon with co-star Thomas Fritsch
With Nikos Rizos, Costas Voutsas in the 1971 movie Ethelontis ston Erota

Elena Nathanail (Greek Έλενα Ναθαναήλ) was born in Athens οn January 31, 1947, the daughter of a well-off textile designer and manufacturer.

Her impressive good looks got her noticed by producers and directors of the, then-blooming, Greek commercial cinema of the mid-sixties. After studying drama at the Pelos Katselis Drama School, Elena got her first screen part in the 1963 movie Kati na kaiei (Something hot), directed by Yiannis Dalianides. Her second screen role came in 1965 in the German movie Walsungenblunt, directed by Rolf Thiele and based on a Thomas Mann novel.

A few more parts followed in Greek movies of the late sixties, usually in the Athenian spoilt rich girl mould. In 1968 she got a best actress award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for her part in the movie Randevou me mia agnosti (Rendez-vous with a Stranger).

In the early seventies she established her screen persona (that of a free-spirited, beautiful young woman) and became something of a fashion icon but with the abrupt decline of the Greek commercial cinema in 1973 her career came to a halt.

After a seven year absence she made a comeback of sorts with a number of straight-to-video movies, usually light comedies. Her last role worthy of her beauty and acting abilities was that of Julia in the hugely succesful Thornbirds spin-off TV soap, Aggigma Psyhis, in 1998.

In the later years of her life, she was living in Evia with her companion, former football player Tasos Mitropoulos, where she was actively involved with wine production.

She died on March 4, 2008, after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was survived by her daugther Inka.


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