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Eleni is a book by Nicholas Gage, centered around his early family life in Lia, Epirus, Greece and especially the execution of his mother, Eleni Gatzoyianni, during the Greek Civil War. It develops into an investigation by the author into the circumstances surrounding her execution and claims to name those responsible for her torture and death.

"Eleni", has been translated into 32 languages and was awarded first prize by the Royal Society of Literature of Great Britain and was nominated in the category of best biography by the National Book Critic's Circle. In 1985, it was made into a feature film starring John Malkovich as Gage.

The book which drew much praise outside Greece, drew criticism from leftist circles within Greece for its vivid portrayal of Communist guerrilas as cold-blooded killers and its description of the "paidomazoma" (taking of children from their parents and exportation to the Eastern bloc nations).