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Ethnikos Achna (Greek: Εθνικός Άχνας) is a Cypriot football club based in the village of Achna. The club was founded in 1968. Its president is Kikis Philippou. Ethnikos Achna play in Dasaki Stadium, with capacity of 4,000 seats.

Founded in 1968, the club were playing in Cypriot Football B Division. For first time in 1983, they were promoted to the Cypriot First Division but were relegated after a single season. Ethnikos were promoted in the First Division again in 1986 and managed to stay there for four seasons. After two years in the Second Division, in 1992, Ethnikos Achna were promoted again into the first division and have stayed there since.

The club reached the Cyprus Cup final in 2002, but were beaten by Anorthosis 0-1.


  • Cypriot Second Division:

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