Evripidis Bakirtzis

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Evripidis Bakirtzis (1895 - 1947) was a Greek military officer who, on March 10, 1944, while Greece was still under military occupation by the Axis powers, was sworn in as Prime Minister of the "free areas of Greece".

Bakirtzis was originally from Thessaloniki and by World War II was a colonel in the Greek Army. On March 10, 1944, the Political Committee of National Liberation (PEEA) was formed in the mountainous village of Viniani, Evritania prefecture. Bakirtzis was chosen to lead this "Government of the Mountains", as it was nicknamed.

In actuality, Bakirtzis was one of three men claiming to be the PM of Greece as a quisling government existed in Athens and a government in exile existed in Cairo at the same time.

Bakirtzis was replaced as PM by Alexandros Svolos on April 18, 1944. He died while exiled in Icaria on May 9, 1947.