Filippos Syrigos

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Filippos Syrigos (born 1948) was one of Greece’s most famous sports journalists.

Syrigos was best known for his basketball commentary in the 1980s, when the sport became increasingly popular across Greece.

He will forever be associated with Greece’s triumph at the European Basketball Championship in 1987. The event was held in Athens and marked the first major victory for Greece in a team sport at a European level.

Syrigos was an outspoken figure, sometimes annoying players, coaches and club officials with his criticism. He was also a big critic of Greece’s decision to host the 2004 Olympics, believing it would fuel corruption, which he often targeted with his comments.

Doping and hooliganism are two other subjects about which Syrigos wrote with considerable passion.

In October 2004, Syrigos was attacked by three men as he left a radio station in Athens. He was stabbed several times and had to spend a few weeks in the hospital.

He died on October 13, 2013 from cancer.


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