Galateia Sarante

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Galateia Sarante (or Saranti), was a novel, novella, short story and children's literature writer and the first woman ever to be elected a member of the Athens Academy in 1997.

She was born in the port city of Patras in 1920, graduated in law from Athens University and published her first short story entitled "To Kastro" (The Castle) in the magazine "Nea Estia" in 1945.

Sarante went on to become a prize-winning author with her novel "The Return", which received the "Prize of Twelve" award in 1953. Two more of her books also won prizes, "To Palio Mas Spiti" (Our Old House) in 1969 that won the 2nd state award for a novel and "Na Thymasai ti Vilna" (Remember Vilna) that won the 1st state literature prize for a short story in 1979.

She also won the Athens Academy's Ouranis Prize in 1979 for her novel "Rogmes" (Cracks).

In addition to her work as an author, Sarante worked with state radio, appearing in programmes on literature, and several literary magazines.

She was married to the lawyer Stavros Patsouris, with whom she had two children.

She died on Monday, December 28, 2009.