Giorgos Gonios

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Giorgos Gonios holds the 1977 Balkans Cup, Leoforos Stadium, 15/3/1978
Playing for the Balkans Cup as a captain of Panathinaikos
Giorgos Gonios playing for Panathinaikos

Giorgos Gonios (Greek: Γιώργος Γονιός) was a Greek football player of the 1970s era.

Gonios was born on December 22, 1946 in Athens. He started playing football for local club Agios Ierotheos. He made the big jump to Panathinaikos in 1968.

Gonios started out as a forward. In the 1969 season he made the top 10 of scorers with 18 goals. Afterwards, he was shifted into the defence, playing both as full back and centre back.

With Panathinaikos, Gonios won four leagus titles (1969, 70, 72, 77) and two Cups (1969, 77). He was a member of the team that reached the 1971 Cup of Champions final in Wembley. He also won the 1977 Balkans Cup as a captain of Panathinaikos.