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Giorgos Mitsakis was a Greek rebetiko songwriter and composer.

Mitsakis was born in Istanbul in 1921. He moved to Volos, Thessaly, in 1935 and started his career as a bouzouki player in 1937. Mitsakis career, both as a songwriter and a composer, took off after the Second World War. He was known for his versatility, covering the entire spectrum of rebetiko music from original to the "posh" version made famous by Manolis Chiotis.

He died in Athens on November 17, 1993.

His songs

  • Βαλεντίνα - Valentina
  • Γεντί Κουλέ - Yedi Kule (a prison)
  • Δεν είμαι εγώ ο Γιώργος σου - Am I not your George?
  • Η πρώτη αγάπη σου είμαι εγώ - I am your first love
  • Κάτσε να πιούμε ΄να κρασί - Let's have some wine together
  • Καυγαδάκι - Arguments
  • Μπαρμπα Θωμά - Uncle Thomas
  • Νίτσα Ελενίτσα - Nitsa - Elenitsa
  • Όπου Γιώργος και μάλαμα - Where there's a George, there's gold
  • Όσο βαριά είναι τα σίδερα - As heavy as iron is
  • Στα μπουζούκια να με πας - Take me to hear bouzouki
  • Στον Πειραιά συννέφιασε - It's cloudy in Piraeus
  • ΤΟ δαχτυλίδι - The ring