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Ioannis Frangoudis (born in Limassol, Cyprus) was a Greek shooter. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Frangoudis competed in four of the five shooting events as well as serving as secretary of the Sub-Committee for Shooting.

He began his sole rifle event, the free rifle, with a lead in the competition after the first string of 10 shots. However, his shooting was inconsistent and his second and fourth strings were far below the scores of his first and third strings. Frangoudis finished second behind Georgios Orphanidis, with 1,312 points to his countryman's 1,583. Viggo Jensen in third place was only 7 points behind Phrangoudis.

In the rapid fire pistol, Frangoudis was the victor, defeating Orphanidis, along with two other competitors, 344-249. He added another top three finish in the free pistol, behind Sumner Paine (silver medallist in the military pistol) and Holger Nielsen (bronze medallist in the rapid fire pistol).

Frangoudis also competed in the military pistol, finishing fourth.

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