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Ioannis Theotokis, also known as John Theotokis, was a Greek politician and Prime Minister.

Theotokis was born in 1880, the son of Prime Minister Georgios Theotokis and younger brother of politician Nikolaos Theotokis who would be executed in 1922 for his role in the Asia Minor Disaster.

Ioannis Theotokis was Royal Courtier for Queen Sophie. He was elected seven times Member of Parliament and served three times as Minister of Agriculture.

In 1935, Theotokis became Vice-President of the Georgios Kondilis government which brought King George II back from exile. He was removed from office by Ioannis Metaxas who restricted him to Kerkyra.

After World War II, Theotokis served as Parliament President in 1946 and briefly as Prime Minister in 1950.

He died in 1961. His son, Spiros Theotokis, was also a politician. His nephew, George Rallis served as Prime Minister in the early 1980s.

Preceded by:
Alexandros Diomedes
Prime Minister of Greece
Jan. 6, 1950 - Mar. 23, 1950
Succeeded by:
Sophoklis Venizelos